Lauren’s Birthday Shoot

Lauren asked me to take pictures for her birthday because everyone should have pictures done for their birthday.  You get an extra day to be made up and have special attention paid to you.  Plus you can change your profile pictures, which is always critical.

We met up at the Menil Collection on an overcast, chilly day, but it really worked for a January birthday.  When the weather is nice, the museum is full of picnicers, yoga practicers, and kids running around.  We sat back in awe of a gorgeous wedding party getting their pictures done and made sure we stayed on the south side of the building out of any of their shots.

peavys 30-3  peavys 30-10  peavys 30-6  peavys 30-14

We popped into the Bistro Menil for an outfit change and I had to have a cup of coffee since it was available.  The bistro is super cute and I have to come back one day for brunch but we were able to snap some good coffee pics before we went back to the museum for a few dressier shots.

peavys 30-22  peavys 30-28  peavys 30-26  peavys 30-31

peavys 30-38  peavys 30-46


Happy birthday Lauren!

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