A Clockwork Orange Themed Shoot

My sister wanted to do A Clockwork Orange themed photos for her birthday.  It’s fairly easy to get the gear for it…when it’s Halloween, but it was simple enough to find the all white items and bowler hat online.  The location would be tricky though because we didn’t want to really be in the grunge, but wanted the look of it.

I’d been passing a mysterious set of stairs on my way to the office every morning.  I couldn’t tell where they led to, but it was underground and was covered in crummy graffiti.  I knew Tristan would be up for exploring with me, even if she was dressed like Alex.

via telegraph.co.uk

via telegraph.co.uk

We totally lucked out with the staircase.  It crosses underneath Dairy Ashford and it dirty enough with discarded fast food and suburban teen graffiti, but not enough to actually be dangerous.  It was mid-day so what normally would be too harsh for regular portraits totally worked for our grunge session.

tristan clockwork wm-36

tristan clockwork wm-22

tristan clockwork wm-31

tristan clockwork wm-15

tristan clockwork wm-9

tristan clockwork wm-12

tristan clockwork wm-18

tristan clockwork wm-25


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