Ava’s Birthday Shoot

Miss Ava turned one the end of February but we got her out to the park for her birthday shoot a couple of weekends before.

I just spotted this park the weekend before and it had the cutest little bridge to literally nowhere but is perfectly scenic.  It seriously doesn’t go over a small lake or open piece of land or anything. It’s just a cute bridge.

John and Veronica didn’t let Ava have real sweets until time for her smash cake.  Ava was pretty cautious at first but once she got the go ahead nod from mommy she went ALL. IN.

avas first - wm-8

avas first - wm-5

avas first - wm-10

avas first - wm-41

avas first - wm-45

avas first - wm-39

avas first - wm-29

avas first - wm-37


Happy Birthday Miss Ava!


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