Brownlee’s Birthday!

Brownlee (the husband) is turning 35 and was all “I think I might want to take some pictures for my birthday” and I was like “OMG great I need to find this park downtown!”

We went to Sesquicentennial Park near Wortham Center and the Aquairum.  It’s one of those parts of Houston that is surrounded by buildings but a special part of the city.  The bayou runs through it, obviously, but there’s a great pathway, an awesome waterfall, and the ever necessary photo bridge.

After photos, I convinced Brownlee to go to brunch at The Honeymoon, a spot on Main Street I visited during the Caffeine Crawl.  It has giant windows and a hipster vibe and fantastic lighting so I staged a few coffee shots because, well I love coffee shop shots.

Anyway, wish Brownlee a happy birthday over on my Facebook page!

brownlee 35 wm-6

brownlee 35 wm-8

brownlee 35 wm-26

brownlee 35 wm-37

brownlee 35 wm-42

brownlee 35 wm-45

brownlee 35 wm-50

brownlee 35 wm-55



brownlee 35 wm-65

brownlee 35 wm-68


brownlee 35 wm-88

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