Savannah in the Park

I had the privilege of doing Miss Savannah’s portraits.  We were fortunate to catch a few hours in the early morning with no rain, a rare occasion in Houston this Spring, so we met up at the Ray Miller park for the session.

I LOVE this park because it’s 1) close to my house 2) doesn’t allow pets and 3) has a bridge, trees, playground equipment, gazebos, and brick walls.  So you can get several looks all in the same location without stepping in dog poo.

She had on a gorgeous floral print dress and some cute ballet flats which was a nice choice for the weather and really fit her cute personality.

savannah 1

Generally with kids you want to just get them to be themselves.  Moms (myself included) tend to force a smile and hope for the perfect shot everytime.  But once you get them talking about their favorite Disney shows or their favorite thing about school, they loosen up and you can get their real personality.

Plus you have to know when to stop and move on.

savannah 3


savannah 4

savannah 5

All at one park with one fantastic 6 year old!

savannah 2