Dr. Goat Session(s)

Bobby Joshua of Dr. Goat Beard & Facial Care reached out and asked for product shots and a follow up session to show off some beards. Um of course!  I’m a big fan of #beardgang 🙂

It was fun to do some product shoots at home because I got to use the backdrops that are collecting dust in my closet and Addy insisted got to help out.

photo helper

But it wasn’t enough plus I wanted to check out the graffiti walls Downtown, so I loaded up the family and went to St. Emmanuel street to see what the artist had to offer.

With my assistants help, and promise of breakfast, we got some great product shots.

dr goat wm-1  dr goat wm-4 dr goat wm-31

But I also got to take some model shots of the guys!  We went back to the walls and the area around Tout Suite

dr goat beards wm-3  dr goat beards wm-51  dr goat beards wm-42  dr goat beards wm-41  dr goat beards wm-30  dr goat beards wm-29  dr goat beards wm-26  dr goat beards wm-11

And if you need any shave products, check out Dr. Goat on the web, Facebook, and Instagram!


For inquires and booking please contact me at:

info @ eightytwophotography.com